PoliConv is, or will be, a political conversation monitor. The general idea is that it will monitor select Twitter accounts and present their content as a conversation, seemingly emanating from a cute plush animal or something. A NodeM ESP8266 board from RobotDyn, running MicroPython, will provide the wifi access and processor, while an Emic2 Text-To-Speech module will be used to present each tweet in a voice unique to the account that generated it. It will also need an audio amplifier of some sort, probably op-amp based.


Update: I could not get this working. I did get the ESP8266 communicating with Twitter via the Twitter API, but implementing the OAuth code necessary for this task in the already-constrained resources available to the MicroPython interpreter left too few resources for anything else. However, I did learn quite a bit about token-based authentication, the Twitter API, MicroPython, and the ESP8266 itself.