FPGA Computer


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Tool Source Cost Notes
Raspberry Pi Computer Newark $35 + shipping Also requires USB phone charger, 8G+ SD card. HDMI-capable TV, USB keyboard, USB mouse required for setup.
Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi raspberrypi.org Free ValentF(x) also has a slightly older version preconfigured for the Logi-Pi
Logi-Pi Development Board MCM Electronics $89.99 + shipping Newark says they're no longer manufactured; MCM says they're in stock.
PC Already owned $0 Used to run Xilinx ISE
Xilinx ISE Design Suite (WebPack license) Xilinx Free Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux (but not Raspberry Pi)
Logi-Pi sample apps Logi-Pi GitHub repository Free Examples of using the Wishbone bus, from the Raspberry Pi side
Logi-Pi hardware definition files Logi-Pi GitHub repository Free VHDL files for the Wishbone components, examples of VHDL
Logi-Pi tools Logi-Pi GitHub repository Free Contains the logi-loader and the Python/C libraries for using the Wishbone bus
Artifacts from Coursera course Coursera $49 (Free to audit) These you'd have to build yourself.
Logi-Pi Skeleton Editor ValentF(x) Free Extremely useful, also a source of examples of using the Wishbone bus, from the Logi-Pi side